Refuge Chamber Door

Refuge chamber door is used in the coal mine asylum cavern transition between room and living room.

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Refuge chamber door Product Introduction

Refuge chamber door is used in the coal mine asylum cavern between transition room and living room. Protect the security of the adit indoor personnel (two of a set). Outward open,has the features of waterproof, fire prevention, prevent shock wave.

Refuge chamber door has door, flat steel plate door frame, rib plate and steel compound; Locking mechanism with double close lock; Use thrust ball bearing hinges, convenient to open.


Refuge chamber door Notices 

1. Before entering the refuge chamber, first through the fire door seal observation window to view whether someone is in the transition cave interior . If someone is scrubbing,enter chamber after he finished and close the survival survival chamber door, cave outside hedge personnel open transition chamber door enter the transition chamber for scrubbing.

2. Every time the number of gas cleaning people should not be more than eight .

3. Refuge chamber door under normal operation condition, the CO2 auxiliary adit room door should be closed.

4. Using compressed air oxygen, 4 pressure adit indoor oxygen outlet must be opened.

5. Use Oto supply oxygen,when Osensor showed that Oconcentration is less than 18.5% or higher than 23%,  rotate knob slowly to adjust O concentration of the chamber.

6. When survival adit indoor concentration of O2,CO and COto fulfill the requirements of human breath,O2 concentration is 18.5%,CO concentration is less than 24 ppm ,CO2 concentration is less tan 1%of the security,it is advisable to remove the self-rescuer.

7. Under the condition of the damaged wind pressure, temperature control valve in the TCV - 1, 2, 3, 4, is always at least one in full open position. When survival adit indoor temperature, humidity, CO concentration CO2 concentrations within the scope of security, according to actual situation to reduce the number of members of temperature control valve TCV - 1, 2, 3, 4.

8. When the CO2 pressure is less than 600PSI, filter integrated desiccant cooling Ge not operate properly installed, open the emergency gas control valve bypass system installed Ge extended running time.

9. When the indoor CO2 concentration can not survive cave below 1%, or color changes to light purple adsorbent, replace CO2 adsorbent

10. Groove identification shall identify the CO and the adsorbent, ensuring that the correct sorbent put Ge groove. Once CO adsorbent filling up Ge, do not replace or remove. When survival cave interior 24ppm CO concentration can not be reduced to below ,replacement CO adsorbent.

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