Green Mining Equipment Manufacture needs"Three Steps Development”


Green Mining Equipment Manufacture needs"Three Steps Development”

Green Mining Equipment

Green Mining Equipment refers to in all life period conforms the special environmental requirement of lower energy,high source usage rate from production to scrap.It seems to be simple.However,it should require high technology;Mining Manufacturers need realize green design on design,manufacture ,sale ,usage and maintenance.

Material Choice is the first step of green mining equipment.Firstly,green mining equipment require material has green characteristic.Secondly,the functional features should be conform to:(1)Material should be easily processed,low toxicity and low pollution;(2)Material should be easily recycle and disposal, reproducible;(3)Material kinds and quantities should be reduce.Such as the hardened and tempered steel need to be quenched.It not only need to expand energy but also can be deformed.So,In the production,it can choose non hardened and tempered steel to instead the hardened and tempered steel,which it can reach saving the material and improving the property’s aim.

Green design is the key link of mine equipment becoming green products.In the designing,it should be enough consider product’s usage process and manufacture process negative effect on the biological environment.And it should reduce the damage degree until eliminate.It not only consider material environmental pollution and equipment manufacture’s expanding energy,but also should consider can dis-assembly design in order to easily recycle.Green mining equipment must have good disassembly to convenient for recycling of parts or whole machine’s maintaining and scraping.

Green degree is also ignored in the production. Most environmental pollution is produced in the production.So, we should adopt the green manufacture,clean producing,efficiently utilize energy and source to reduce rubbish and to realize comprehensive utilizing.Such as,in the machine process,drying cut,drying grinding not use the cutting fluid harmful to environment which it belongs to green process technology.In real production ,you should adopt forge die casting process can save material;employing non-toxic non cyanogen plate and the cyanide hardening and other technology.

According to the strategy of sustainable development,greenization has become the world’s progress and development’s inevitable trend.Today in our 21st century ,mine manufacturers are facing green challenge to be going with trend of times to manufacturer green mine equipment to improve the market competitive power and to make enterprise perfect and self-development.In this respect,Our china Yantai Xinhai Mining Machine Co.,ltd does best,which it adopt the green environmental protection’s raw material.At the same time,the manufacture technology is also not pollution ,and the equipment completely conform to the requirement of green mining equipment to become our national champion enterprise of mining machine industry.

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