Chinese Mine Hoist Manufacturing Status Analysis


Chinese Mine Hoist Manufacturing Status Analysis

Mine hoist is a special transportation equipment and one of four most important and biggest fixed equipments in metalic mine and nonmetallic mine. Usually, we call it mine hoist which has the drum diameter more than 2m or mine winder/mine windlass/mine winch which has the drum diameter less than 2m. 

According to working principle, mine hoist can be divided to single rope winding type mine hoist and multirope friction type mine hoist. Multrope friction type mine hoist can be found specially in deeper shaft.

Nowadays, the running mine hoists in worldwide, the Max. speed can reach 20-25m/s, lifting capacity can reach 50T once, motor power more than 10,000Kw, shaft deepth more than 2000m(multistage lifting more than 3600m). To meet with higher output and different lifting tasks, sometimes will equip several mine hoist on one shaft, for example: Sweden KIRUNA Mine has 12 multirope friction mine hosits at one rectangle shaft tower, and all mine hoists are centralized control.


Evolution of chinese winding type mine hoist and it’s model

Winding type mine hosit evolution has three phases as imitating Russian, development basis on Russian, design.

1953-1958 mainly produced imitating Russian BM series mine hoist;

1958-1966 mainly produced developed imitating Russian mine hoist. JKA series is the improved mine hoist basis on KJ series.

1971.07 began to produce XKT series mine hoist which is design by china self, and changed model to XKT-B series later.

1976 basis on XKT-B series improved to JK series mine hoist which overcome the disadvantages in XKT-B series. JK has been a new type mine hoist by mass production.

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